Dryland Racing & Urban Mushing Carts

Lightest, Fastest Rigs Available

Dryland Racing & Urban Mushing Dog Carts

The Lightest, Fastest Rigs Available

The Årtic-R series is the ultimate in dryland rigs. Lightweight and Durable,

the R and R1-Series are the ideal model for recreational and competitive racing.

Legal in all ISDRA (International Sled Dog Racing Association) and IFSS (International Federation of Sleddog Sports) events,



Starting at
(+shipping — worldwide)

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all prices are additional to the price above, except for R1 Frame Only option.

  • Color (see color chart below).
  • Standard or Heavy Walled Rim ($225)
  • Standard or Aggressive Tires ($80)
  • Ultra-Light (race model), Standard or Recreational Frame (see chart below)
  • Optional: Front Suspension Fork ($65)
  • Optional: Full Suspension (RS) ($350)
  • Optional: Fat Bike Wheels/Tires and Disc Brakes ($650)
  • Optional: R1 Frame Only ($850)

The R-Series, Available in a Rainbow of colors.

Color Options

Choose from one of 39 colors. Additional charge for non-standard colors.
click to enlarge

To specify a color by name, please refer to the Rustoleum Protective Enamel Spray website.

Frame Options

  Artic R/R1/RF Frame Options

Ulra-Light (R)

Standard (R& R1)

w/Fat Tires
   32Lbs† 40 lbs† 50 lbs† 50 lbs† 53 lbs†
† Weights are approximate and can vary by changing bars, forks, tires, wheels.

Artic R Photo Gallery

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Årtic-R (Red) :: with radial lace option Årtic-R (Blue) :: Årtic-R :: with special guest Årtic Angel Årtic-R :: with Team ÅrticRigs Årtic-R (red) :: with ÅrticRig Banners Årtic-R (purple) :: with Årtic Rigs banner Brainerd Dryland Racing :: On Artic Rigs Jim Benson :: On Artic Rigs Karens Sibes :: On Artic Rigs Artic-R :: Shown in lime green Artic-R ::  on ford escort Ease of Transport :: Artic-R ::  Artic-R ::  Artic-R ::  Rigs Ready for Overseas Shipping ::

Artic RF Photo Gallery

Artic RF Artic RF Artic RF Artic RF

Artic R1 Photo Gallery

Artic R1 Dryland Rigartic-r1-w-stickersarticr1-w-gargamel thumbArtic R1 Dryland Rig

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Video Gallery

Agility Demonstration with Jim Benson


Ease of Loading with Chris Rogers


Customer Video - Suspension Model (California)


Cant Demonstration with Chris Rogers


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