Dryland Racing & Urban Mushing Carts

Lightest, Fastest Rigs Available

Dryland Racing & Urban Mushing Dog Carts

The Lightest, Fastest Rigs Available

The Årtic-R series is the ultimate in dryland rigs. Lightweight and Durable,

the R-Series is the ideal model for recreational and competitive racing.

Legal in all ISDRA (International Sled Dog Racing Association) and IFSS (International Federation of Sleddog Sports) events,


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  • Color (see color chart below).
  • Standard or Heavy Walled Rim ($125)
  • Standard or Aggressive Tires ($80)
  • Ultra-Light (race model), Standard or Recreational Frame (see chart below)
  • Optional: Front Suspension Fork ($25)
  • Optional: Fat Bike Wheels/Tires and Disc Brakes ($550)
  • Optional: R1 Frame Only ($750)

The R-Series, Available in a Rainbow of colors is customizable with such options as the heavy walled rim (radial lace) option, which increases the resistance to damage on your wheels and more than doubles the side impact ratio. Add aggressive tires for increased traction and control with larger teams. An odometer/speedometer/trip meter can be added to the Årtic - R for easy measuring of your teams progress.

Color Options

Choose from one of 39 colors. Additional charge for non-standard colors.
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To specify a color by name, please refer to the Rustoleum Protective Enamel Spray website.

Frame Options

  Artic R/R1/RF Frame Options

Ulra-Light (R)

Standard (R& R1)

w/Fat Tires
   32Lbs† 40 lbs† 50 lbs† 50 lbs† 53 lbs†
† Weights are approximate and can vary by changing bars, forks, tires, wheels.

Artic R Photo Gallery

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Årtic-R (Red) :: with radial lace option Årtic-R (Blue) :: Årtic-R :: with special guest Årtic Angel Årtic-R :: with Team ÅrticRigs Årtic-R (red) :: with ÅrticRig Banners Årtic-R (purple) :: with Årtic Rigs banner Brainerd Dryland Racing :: On Artic Rigs Jim Benson :: On Artic Rigs Karens Sibes :: On Artic Rigs Artic-R :: Shown in lime green Artic-R ::  on ford escort Ease of Transport :: Artic-R ::  Artic-R ::  Artic-R ::  Rigs Ready for Overseas Shipping ::

Artic RF Photo Gallery

Artic RF Artic RF Artic RF Artic RF

Artic R1 Photo Gallery

Artic R1 Dryland Rigartic-r1-w-stickersarticr1-w-gargamel thumbArtic R1 Dryland Rig

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Video Gallery

Agility Demonstration with Jim Benson

Ease of Loading with Chris Rogers

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